Everyone knows that as a cyclist, your bicycle is your pride and joy, and deserves to be protected wherever your cycling adventures may take you. Next time you travel, make sure your bike is well protected by choosing a well-designed and strongly built bike travel bag or hard case. Choosing the correct bicycle bag or hard case for your travel needs doesn’t have to be daunting, we have created this handy guide to help you choose the most appropriate bike travel bag for your needs. Firstly, here are your options:


A hard case offers superior protection with a strong outer shell that absorbs shock and impacts very efficiently. This is definitely the most protective option available, however the trade-off for additional protection is more added weight, as well as taking up more space due to the rigid nature of a hard case.


This option is much lighter than a hard case, and slightly more affordable. They also have the added benefit of being more flexible and easier to pack. Protection offered by soft bags vary dramatically based on the brand and product range – it is important to do your research before purchasing a soft bike travel bag to ensure adequate protection.



The number one purpose of a bike bag should always be the protection of the precious cargo inside, for this reason a buyer should always be sure to go for a bag that uses thick protective padding throughout the design, or even consider a hard case to be extra safe. A high quality bag should also include protective padded inserts, and shock absorbent lateral shields to protect the frame and wheels of the bike. Bikes also have many fragile components such as the rear derailleur, which needs to be protected – a high quality bike bag should offer dedicated protection for these components.

Our top of the range Scicon 3.0 Range and Aerotech Hard case range offers all of the above mentioned protective elements, which is why SCICON is trusted by professional cycling teams around the world to carry their bikes safely to their destination. You can view some of these teams here


The second, but just as important element of a great bike travel bag is the ease of packing your bike. Many bicycle bags on the market require the bike to be completely disassembled, which is not only time-consuming and inconvenient, but impractical when you are on the move or on your way to a cycling event.

One of the key selling points of the Scicon Aerocomfort range is the fact that you can have your entire bike packed in under 8 minutes. Simply remove the wheels and fix the frame of the bike onto the frame defender, and pack your wheels! The handlebar and seat can stay right where they are, this means no bike setup is needed at your next event.


A very important aspect when buying a bike travel bag which is often forgotten is whether the bag features ergonomic wheels that help with the transport of the bike from A to B.

The last thing you want is to carry your bike on a shoulder strap from the car to the airport, or even worse from the airport to the cycling event.

Prospective buyers need to consider that the 6-8kg weight of a bike travel bag in addition to a bicycle can become particularly burdensome to move around without any wheels over a prolonged period of time.

Australian Air carrier rules

Travelling to a cycling event in Australia? Make sure you are aware of the latest luggage rules when travelling with your bike travel bag in australia here:

The below information is accurate at time of publishing, please refer to updated information from the airline carrier directly before flying.